Monday, March 31, 2008

I am going to disappear for a while, after this post !!!

Here is a 'true' post.
In the sense that, unlike the others, this is something I am posting for my satisfaction.

Right now, I am pretty ashamed of my country.

Yes. You read that right. It all started when we failed to look after a certain female writer from a neighboring country, all in the name of petty, petty vote bank politics. Where is that 'Indian' pride gone now ?

I remember the following shloka from sanskrit class which goes:

"Athiti devo bhava"

which means that a guest is equivalent to god. Apparantly we do not practise what we preach. Maybe we just like sounding all eastern and old world.

Then there is M.F Hussain who is forced to live in a self-imposed exile. When did we become Iran ?

Secular ? My ass!
Free speech ? My ass!

I do give it credit for the sole fact that I can write this sort of a thing freely. I'd hate to live in China.
Which brings us to another point of contention.

The whole world is afraid of China isn't it ?
We have the '62 war to remind us all too well.
Too bad Tibet has no oil.
what is this, Communo-Fascism now ?
I'd boycott the Olympics this time round if I were given a choice.

P.S If anyone asks, you do not know where I am, alright ?


Watching 'Trainwreck, My life as an idoit' right now.


Violet said...

Our captain Bhaichung Bhutia, has refused to carry the Beijing Olympic torch as a protest. So thats a start i guess.

JerryKantrell said...

Oh, I did not know that.
only, 1 out of 1000000000 people won't make a noticeable impact, but yeah you are right, it is better than nothing.
So have you moved to bangalore yet ?
And I notice you said 'our' captain

Violet said...

Yup moved, settled and all that.

It might make a noticeable impact as it is coming from someone famous.

Btw what’s wrong with saying our captain?

JerryKantrell said...

I am sorry. I did not mean it that way, there is nothing wrong in saying 'our' captain, I was just wondering what it implied, because I would have said 'the captain of the country's football team' or something else impersonal and detached.
I want to ask you; do you think in English or in Hindi ?

Violet said...

Well the main reason was that writing ‘our captain’ was much shorter than ‘captain of the country's football team’. On the other hand if he would have been the Cricket team captain, I wouldn’t have said ‘our’, for the simple reason that I don’t like cricket and I kind of had a crush on Bhaichung Bhutia a long time back.

And yah..i think in both the languages, just the way I speak.

JerryKantrell said...

So maybe you should have said 'my captain' ? or if you would like to be more melodramatic, you could borrow from Walt Whitman famous 'Leaves of Grass' and go 'Oh Captain, my captain'
I am just kidding :D, I mean no harm.

I meant, what language do you think in most often while not speaking ?
I think in English most of he time, so when I speak Indian languages, I tend to form my sentences with the English Subject-Object order.

Varun said...

your ass!

as for english part, its the nri childhood curse or blessing whatever.

JerryKantrell said...

haha, my ass is it ? I'd think its a bit too skinny!
So what's up ?
we should speak on skype sometime.