Saturday, February 02, 2008


Warning! explicit content.

v: I love Imogen Heap's voice

P: yeah me too :)

v: I hate her for this

P: for her voice?

v: because her voice is so cool
makes me feel bad

P: :P lol

v: I don't understand why ?

P: I usually feel the need to meet female vocalists that I like, and because I can't, it makes me feel bad-ish. similar?

v: I think so
but for me its more of a 'I want to boink female vocalists and because I can't ...'

P: :P well, I said 'meet', I didn't mean at a coffee shop and a hug
I was thinking more of the unsk unsk

v: oh that-a-way


Listening to 'Come on in my kitchen' - Robert Johnson

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