Saturday, January 26, 2008

My First Video. Yay !

So I wrote my first 'GMATPrep' test, it is given free by the guys who conduct the actual exam.
The algorithm used in this Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) is the real one, and hence this is supposed to give you a good approximation of your actual score.
They say that you should give it once before you start your prep, to gauge your level. Apparently, you can expect a 70-100 increase in your score.
That is what I did, hoping to cross the 600 mark barrier.
Luckily I got a 720.

here it ees :)

I then recorded a song which I have been writing for a while, I will put it up here although I am embarrassed to hear\see it myself.
Please do make fun of me\my bad guitaring skills\my sqeeky girlish voice\my horrible face which shows in the video\bad quality of the video\talentless song...
I need you to break my defenses. I need criticism, of any kind.

Warning: Impromptu lyrics, and the fact that I had no plans of uploading this whnn I made it, make it a particularly hard video to watch. In fact, believe it or not, I was trying to see if my camera works.

Watch at your own risk and please try not to die due to the sheer, all round incompetence of this video. Thank you.


I am actually praying to a non-existant god(I am an athiest), hoping that it is not too 'boy-bandish'
because if it is, then I am going to stop playing the guitar forever.


Anonymous said...

good one...except for the the chord shifts ...ravi

LAYNE said...

Where are you now ?
Camp hill is it ?

Anonymous said...

am in Harrisburg..close to Camp Hill...

JerryKantrell said...

hey man,
Keep me updated!
So did you start work ?