Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss president.

I saw her with the french president in the paper today.
It made me wince. I hate her.
I don't want her to represent me.
Does anybody else think the current president of our country is a disgrace ?
What is with the 'covering her hair with her saree' thing ?
She looks like she is a victim of heinous domestic violence.

As if the stereotype of 'elephants' and 'cows' and 'snake charmers' and 'turbans' wasn't enough, we now have a lady who looks like she is living in the 18th century leading us. I just want to see if she will last the whole term without shriveling up like a prune.

So tell me:
Shouldn't the state's head have some charisma ? a sparkle in the eye ?
Shouldn't she be able to control her own husband ? who seems to think he is a 'teenaged heiress' of 'her' father's empire.
Shouldn't she be free of any scandals ?
Is anyone else thinking ?

Meanwhile back in the tavern, sipping on some fine wine, our friends discuss politics.

Victorus: Funny, last time the previous party in power played the minority card and put up a minority president, one whom the opposition couldn't criticize lest they sound racist, but he had a dignified personality and was a scientist, a man who has proved his worth.

Cæruleus: Yeah, and the party in power this time played the feminist card and put up a female president, one who no one could criticize lest they sound sexist, but what is her contribution to anything ? What is her claim to fame ?

Victorus: I don't know. What's next? A paraplegic president ? or maybe a wooden stump for president!


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