Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ja mein Fuhrer!

Near Vikasini, there is a large empty plot where I park my car. While reversing out one day, I saw on the ground amidst dry grass, what I thought was a familiar figure. I got out of my car, and picked it up. It was a firecracker, obviously debris left over from last year's Diwali.

Big Deal!

Ok, So there is nothing even remotely interesting in that.
I hope the photo is a bit more interesting:

Anti-semitism means squat in India.


Listening to Secret Prayer - J.Satriani

'For Once

See yourself as a god.
See how it feels to be one.
Hold a lesser being in the palm
and be your own god.
You shall then, see.

A smile escapes your face
as you realize how simple
of that which has eluded you
thus far. Peace.' - SiegerKranz Meer

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