Friday, January 11, 2008

Egalitarian Reprise.

Hey there! here is another one of my useless lists, useless because the people whom it is meant for, will never umm... read it.

You know you have become a fascist when:

1) You force people to do things, because YOU 'think' it is in their best interest.

2) You have a "motto" in life, especially so if it is a song.

3) You believe in the death penalty.

4) You hate People with a different viewpoint. think: 'gay','hippies','abortion' etc.

5) You think that you are the best in everything you do, and that others can never match you.

6) You Feel pity for the Downtrodden. (They don't need our pity, they need a better system)

7) You think businessmen who take the country "forward" are great men.

8) You are any of these: Fervent Patriot, an MCP, a Feminist, belong to any sort of society, Racist, believe in god, Politician, Lawyer, or Me.

9) You make of fun of any aspect of someone's bad fortune\personality\appearance especially when it is congenital.

10) You write a list, denouncing people as Fascists, put it up on your crappy blog and trick people into reading it by not putting up a disclaimer.


Listening to La dance du bonheur - Shakti

'Just let me be a lazy, lousy bum' - SK Meer

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