Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Elkism #2

Indian women are the most unlucky lot.

There I said it, and I swear I can almost hear that mental gasp that you just experienced, you probably even moved your head back a little asking yourself: "Did I read that right ?" Yes.

Here is why:

1) They are forced to subscribe to the 'Indian Culture', 'bharatiya naari' bullshit from the time they are born.

2) The only form of entertainment routinely allowed is Bollywood bullshit I mean movies. Which introduces them to a really fucked up interpretation of the world. I know a lot of males are subject to the same rule, but I have seen a few who have been able to escape this terrible tragedy.

3) As a consequence of reason #2 they think that every man they see, who smokes, is a rapist

4) As a consequence of reason #2 they think everyman who smokes has a bottle of orange colored booze in his pockets which he will use while raping her if he were to get a chance.

5) As a consequence of reason #2 they think that every rapist wears bad clothes, is generally a stranger and has a stubble.

6) As a consequence of reason #2 there are a lot of potential rapists out there.

7) As a consequence of reason #2 they think that every rapist has a mole on his dick that will fucking be transferred to the baby that the rape is bound to produce because we are still in the stone-fucking ages and haven't heard of that oh so western luxury called 'abortion' yet.

8) I know rape is a very horrible thing and that it is NOT funny, however, living your life in fear is hardly any better(IMO) you do your best and live life, what's life without a little risk

9) As a consequence of reading reasons #2-#8, most people would be aghast, you might resort to calling me names, unkind names, try to poke holes in my logic, Go Ahead, send 'em across to me.The more the merrier. Its the truth and needs be told.

10) You might not agree with me but, but certain religions (especially those originating somewhere in the middle east. I'd dare not take names lest a fatwa be issued, oops! wait a minute this is a computer file I can erase my text! But I am not gonna. So sue me.)are not the only faith systems to hold the belief that women are inferior to men, Indian mentality does pretty much the same thing. I do concede the fact that it is not explicitly stated anywhere, however let me illustrate the reality of this problem:
I mean if anyone should pay money in a marriage shouldn't it be the guy's side giving money to the girls side ? But no, the girls side gives the money. Fucking hillarious, and this is a custom some brides' families condone\participate in.
Arranged Marriage

I have heard people say "arranged marriage has a higher chance of working than love marriage" "Your parents would have had an arranged marriage, it didn't do you any harm" and even "Hey, you can choose a good looking girl from a variety of choices"
Here are my pet peeves with arranged marriage

Pet Peeve a) Arranged marriage involves choosing a girl, akin to buying a new fridge or a TV, are women of such low esteem even now ? In the 21st century ? that they let themselves be treated like commodities ?

Pet Peeve b) The reason that arranged marriage fails less often than love marriage is because the love marriage is between 2 equals whereas in an arranged marriage the girl feels inferior, especially with all the 'Indian Culture' indoctrination she has endured all her life, and is hence more willing to sacrifice her interests to keep her marriage, as miserable as it may be, alive out of sheer fear of society.

There are a hundred more reasons, but I am bored, and you could figure out the rest by extension.

With so many things stacked up against her, I would feel that 'unlucky' is a pretty mild word to describe her plight. What do you say ? While the men ?, they seem to have all the fun.

Elkisms, We face the truth so that you don't have to.


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