Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Elk in time saves nine pointless human lives

Who are the Elks ?

Well, I guess they are little creatures which reside in my head, they are morally ambiguous, don't give a fuck 'bout reputation, crave controversy like how a bastard seeks a father figure, they only like ideas when the ideas are offensive to some most people, and I could go on and on, but you get the general complexion of this arrangement.
So, anyway it would be a gross understatement if I were to say that the ideas they have are not the most popular ideas one might encounter, especially, let me say that again, especially if your hunting ground is the internet (I had to fight with myself to refrain from using any adjectives here). Alas, ignorance may be bliss but there always a smart-alek who yells out the plot and spoils the stupid lame-ass corporate\government funded surprise at the end of the movie. yeah that guy is an 'Elk' Avatar, funny how they can transcend meta-physical boundaries, yes, you have a point there but I don't hear anyone, not a single soul denouncing Krsna or matsya or whatnot as elaborate and well-thought ideas but sophistry nonetheless, now do I ?

I would like to think of this as being allegorical, you know what I mean, If you are reading this, you are smarter than I am and you don't need me spoon-feeding my shit. So here is the first elkism, I know it is not an original saying, but I read it somewhere a long time back and I don't remember what it meant in its original Avatar, but I give it my interpretation here:

The biggest critics of Elks are Elks themselves

What does this mean ? That most people critical of a philosophy/idea/notion/movement/race/religion etc are or were adherents of that philosophy/idea/notion/movement/race/religion etc themselves.

And in this case I would like to take up the role of the first elk in the mentioned elkism, with the rest of the people joining the second group, maybe they feel its something they oughtta do Pro Bono.

Lawyers or people, they'll all go to hell.
And if you don't like what I've written, eat shit and die bitch.


Listening to If - Floyd

"To all you conformists: eat shit and die you apologist crack-whore mannequins" - SiegerKranz Meer

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