Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let Go

Sunil and I have been working on some original stuff, but as usual our age-old nemesis: Vocal Rhythm, haunts us yet again
So we have something in F#, unfortunately, No matter what vocal rhythm we try to give it, it ends up sounding really cheesy, you know, Boy band like. So we finally decided to circumvent the problem by turning it into an instrumental :P

We are lazy and untalented, what more do you expect ?

Here is a nice little song from the OST of Zach Braff's Garden State, it is by Frou Frou called 'Let Go' , I love Imogen Heap's voice, it is a little weird, but a good weird. I guess hearing a British voice after listening to Americans all the while, is a refreshing break. Ok, so I am in love with her voice, big deal.

Do hear. Here is a video from your friendly neighborhood video hosting site 'YouTube' :)


Listening to In the waiting line - Zero 7

The best authors are the one's who write in such a way, that you feel he is addressing you and only you. - I Don't remember where I read this.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, this is dange. Sanket dange, yeah! I thought that i was dead but turns out i am still alive? :-) Its great to know that life and music are around you. How are you man?
Me, is hell bored! Give me your no and i'll call you.

HelterSkelter said...

dude !
where the hell have you been ?
mail me at or call me at 040-27990154 But I work at the NGO from 2-4 PM