Wednesday, December 12, 2007

karbage Sir!

So I have started teaching mathematics\English to underprivileged girls of class(grade) 3,4,5 at a local NGO.
The students are street girls from the East-Marredpally area of Secunderabad
I feel as if I am, at last, doing something meaningful with my life.
I made it clear to the in-charge that I would like to help out in not just the teaching part, but also in some of the organizing.
For Example, they print cards with the drawings done by some of the kids, similar to what CRY does, I will most probably help them out in this regard too.

The school provides them with books, uniforms, lunch and a refreshing milk based drink too. The people helping out also seem to be from the lower middle class strata of society, I guess the rich ones, who can really help are busy earning their big-shot salaries for themselves.

Most of their funding used to be from the United States, but apparently it has dried up a bit. So they let go of their office space and the nice lady who runs it has got the office shifted to her own residence, an enviable sacrifice in my books. A kind American gentleman has developed and hosts the website, the address of which I have written below.
I would surmise that they will face many a battle yet but it doesn't matter, their intent is noble and I wish the best for them.
I am happy doing this; helping at the NGO thing, and would love to do so for a living, alas! that might just remain a dream.

Anyway if anyone reading this might want to check out the NGO's website here it is : Vikasini

And remember no matter how hard a day you might be having, someone will be having an even worse day.

I wonder if you remember this;(paraphrased and source forgotten)
"I was feeling bad about not having shoes until I met a man who didn't have feet"

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