Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blashpeme on my wayward son

Elkism #3

God does not exist.

Get over it you intellectually challenged freaks, too stupid for me to even consider you as humans. Yeah, that is right I am an atheist, a militant atheist in fact. And I am proud of being one.

Here are my answers to your doubts:

1) Why don't you believe in god ?
A) Ummm, simple!, because he doesn't exist

2) How do you know ?
A) Because I see no proof of his\her\its existence. I have heard frivolous crap being masqueraded as 'proof' and spat out at alarming levels of volume and frequency by these religious freaks. I may not be Popperian in most things but hell I need your proof to be falsifiable, at least. AT LEAST a priori. So when I ask you who made god and you say 'he just is', you just make it so easy for me.

3) What then, could be the basis for your morality ?
A) Humanity ? isn't that basis enough ?

4) Why do you hate religion when it helps so many people ?
A) Because, it makes anal-retentive, stuck up morons out of people, who would want to do such things as burn someone alive because he has a hard on for a different god than your's or kill someone just because he says his god has a bigger dick than your god. Leave me out of this bullshit man.

5) Why then, do you think man feels the need to 'have' a god ?
A) Our own Vanity, because we are afraid that when you die that is that. We have grown attached to our selves, our identities, our dreamed of existence. Its always easier to believe someone's out there looking after your, protecting you from evil. Miserable really!

Kill God.

Elkisms, We face the truth so that you don't have to.


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'what is "popular" is rarely ever good and what is "good" is rarely ever popular ' SiegerKranz Meer

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