Monday, December 03, 2007

My conversation withCheesy Bob alias The FSM alias DOG^-1

SKM: You are not getting through to me.

He: Yes, I know.

SKM: Oh yeah I forgot, you know everything.

HE: The last time I checked...yes.

SKM: but theoretically that is not possible, you know...the whole Laplace's demon thing, and are you supposed to be umm... sarcastic like that ?

HE: Meh, And why not ? because of that pathetic 'information limit' thingie you humans are bound by ?
I love that little word you humans have come up with: 'thingie' it so versatile, I wish I had thought of that like brahms had wished of strauss' The Blue Danube Waltz

SKM: Hmmm whatever, Yes, and I suppose you know how to refute that!

HE: Ha. You catch on quick.

SKM: Wouldn't any explanation be unfalsifiable and therefore be invalid ?

HE: If I were bound by such absurd restrictions my dear old chap, I doubt we would have had this conversation.

SKM:So, what you are basically saying is that you can answer my question, but I have no way of comprehending it ?


SKM: Hokay, fair enough and what about free wi...

HE: Oh don't you open that door, I wouldn't touch that topic with a 10 light years long pole.

SKM: Alright, you weren't of much help, I guess Nietzsche was right albeit unwittingly when he said "Gott Ist Tott", but what's with the whole flying, and the voice in the sky routine ?

HE: You have to understand something, I am become this, because they want me to be so. Would you have stood in awe if I were here as my true self ? A principle, a Reason, just a consequence of the law of probability ? I don't think so.

SKM: Boy, you are a load of baloney !

HE: Or so it seems...

SKM: Cheesy Bob ? What happened ? Are you here ?

And the rest they say... Is yet to happen
Listening to Money by Pink Floyd

The criterion of the scientific status of a theory is its falsifiability, or refutability, or testability. — Karl Popper

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