Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Layne Kemper

So I wonder if you know who Marilyn Manson is. Anyone looking at his videos or lyrics would straightaway assume he is a crazy lunatic who is a menace to society and has a disruptive influence on impressionable kids. Hell that is what I thought the first time I was introduced to his stuff by a cousin, and I am very 'liberal' in fact had I been in the US of A I would have considered myself leftist,

I have seen Manson twice, once on Michael Moore's Bowling for columbine, and once on Right wing Neocon fascist Bill O'reilly's show, the video of which is below, and this is one of the few times I have seen Bill not raise his voice to drown out something that he doesn't like, and one of the few times he gone through an interview without either cutting off the Mic or calling the interviewee a 'pinhead'

Anyway back to Manson, the man is articulate to a degree which would put many folks to shame. He speaks clearly, efficiently, with good grammar and diction, and his attitude is impressive. There was an interview he had given for one of Chuck Palahniuk's books and he did impress (me) there too. I do however hope you understand that I am not a big fan of his music, however as an artist who wears his beliefs on his sleeve I do have the utmost respect for the man In spite of especially because of what the mainstream media or popular belief has to say about him.

Ha, I wonder if good ol' Bill-O knew where the 'manson' in his name comes from

Listening to Grinning Mouths by Isis

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it
-Attributed to Voltaire, possibly Evelyn Beatrice Hall under the pseudonym S[tephen] G. Tallentyre

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