Friday, December 07, 2007


In my book of judgements, this book is officially detritus. Why ?
Here's why:

No. Of visitors last 5 days: 3
No. Of comments " : 0
No of new posts " : 0
Last 'searchword' match : 'Decidirius erasmus pics'
Search successful : No
Do you get the picture? :Hopefully, Yes!

Anyway here is a confession I have, I had sold out a little, by writing easier to read, less controversial topics, a direction antithetical to the philosophy as elucidated on the top of this very page. This was a measure taken to avoid offending the sensibilities of potential visitors, however the lack of visitors has removed the boundaries that I had imposed on myself; a blessing in disguise if I might add. So I hope to broaden the horizons. Soon.

Here is an interesting article by Chuck Palahniuk, detailing some writing tips, check it out. (P.S he is the guy who wrote Fight Club, besides loads of other great novels)
13 Writing Tips by Chuck Palahniuk

Listening to Pull Me Under - Dream Theater

I'd rather be smithed by god than deceive myself - SiegerKranz Meer


sajith said...

please dont stop ur commentary on controversial topics. its just that visitors have nothing to comment because what u have written is the complete truth. there is nothing left to comment but to admire and reflect on ur thought.

HelterSkelter said...

Hehe thanks man
so tell me, did you buy your guitar ?