Saturday, December 08, 2007

Triptych of errors.

We all remember the 'India Shining' campaign that the Vajpayee led BJP government, once dished out for the average Indian schmuck to buy, this was done at a time when the Indian economy was picking up, the embarrassing 90's were coming to an end, life was looking better for the country as well as the rest of the world, maybe we humans weren't the stupid self-destructive creatures we thought we were, after all.

Alpha)No, this is not a political commentary. I'd leave that to 'The Hindu'

We are, right now, witness to the same thing being repeated by the present Congress government, which if not worse than the past few governments, is at least as bad. They like to be subtle in their 'rhetoric' but still pitch the same bullshit that any government speaks: The infallibility of their designs and the inevitability of the desired outcome and how they are 'special' as compared to the others.

Beta)No, this is not a critique of Democracy. I'd leave that to Plato

This is an observation on our Country. On your country. On me. On you. On everyone you've ever known. On that pale blue dot and the billions of universes it has contained.
On the Human universe.

The people in the key demographic i.e 18-60 years old, are having a ball at living their cosy comfortable lives:

Modern living conditions make rich men out of Dunces, poor men out of thinkers.

Girls wear the latest clothes which allow for more freedom, yet their minds are shackled by age old prejudices and idiosyncrasies.

The more fortunate spend lacs on the latest gadgets and LCD TVs, leather covers for their big wheels, while the poor die from hunger because they didn't have the money for a few crumbs of bread.

People join NGOs to help the 'downtrodden' yet deep down they know that they do this for either resume building or to feel better about themselves. White guilt ? Is a thing of the past, we now have green guilt. Green for the color of money.

People have dropped to such levels that the government has to bring in laws making 'disposing' off of old parents a crime, don't even think about how difficult, that law might be, to implement.

Advertisement's latest advice to man: Thou shalt be considered cool only if thou weareth[sic] branded items.

The Boob tube tells you how to think, how to dress, What to eat etc. Original thought ? Bah humbug, I'd rather get mine readymade from MTV.

Yes, I have seen the face of evil, it had a familiar face. I then looked away from the mirror. It was the face of Man.

Gamma)No, I am not advocating Communism, far from it. I'd leave that to the Naxalites.


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What I would like is for this entire existence to make sense, even if only for a moment. I am and therefore have justly been accused of being an athiest. I would however at the risk of sounding pretentious, term myself more of an agnostic. SiegerKranz Meer

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