Thursday, November 29, 2007

Confession ?

So we are all here to play a role in the grand 'tragedy' of life, is a point often referenced. And this post of mine is not something the 'character' I play would normally write. I had to force myself not to write this post, however here I am doing exactly what I didn't want to do.

Maybe, I AM thinking too much, but anyway here goes:

So has anyone seen this obscure little movie called 'Tank Girl'
"SHRIEK! TANK GIRL ? WTF ???????? Did you say tank girl", I hear you scream, "tell me it ain't true, how could you even utter that movie's name "

So I admit it, its a really bad movie, it is cheesy, has a very flimsy storyline, the characters in it wear funny clothes\makeup, are childish, its sexist, and it is anyone's nightmare, in fact I am astonished that it didn't get Alan Smithee'd by its director.

Then why ?, why did I bring up the topic of this movie ? Why did I actually go, find the torrent and download the movie ? Why for the second time did I watch the whole movie and waste another 1.5 hours of my life ? Well, the reason is because...

I Hate to admit it, but I had a huge crush on both Lori Petty and the character she played, when I first saw it, way back in high-school. And apparently I just revived it. XD
There I said it.
In fact I liked her so much so, that I remembered the movie's name so that I could try watching it again later. Fucking lame isn't it ? Stupid teenage infatuation!

Why do I like her so ? I do not know, maybe I see my 'anima' in her, Anyhoo here is a video I found on youtube, it has a few scenes from the movie, as well as some animation from the same, which is strangely reminiscent of the animation on Pearl Jam's 'Do the Evolution' video. It also has that song which they play on that Moto-Rokr or razr or god knows what, ad on TV. check it out:

woot woot! Lori Petty for president!

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