Monday, October 01, 2007


"Look not into an abyss, lest it look back unto thou
Fight not with monsters lest thou become one too"

Alright,I know this one is skewed. Nietzsche had it rendered differently but...
To each his own. Aye ?
what do I say about him ? I have read and come to realize that he is a favourite for people to trash about. They abuse him, accuse him of incestuous thoughts, label him a misogynist, but they are wrong. But everymensch has a right to his opinion, which as we all know is something that no one can take away from him, unless, unless he lets them.
Granted he had his faults, and the Germanic obscurity in his writings obviously left his philosophy open to multiple interpretations, and sadly many of them were radical ,in a sense unlike what he had intended but so is the case with the "sacred" scriptures of almost all the major religions in the world, and yet I don't see anyone complain about those "sacred" books.

And by the way: Gott war immer tot

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