Thursday, September 20, 2007

Juvenile Rant

Cur puellae crepant ?
Cur puellae crepant ?
post hoc ! ergo propter hoc ?

I have always had problem with women. Right from the beginning.
I used to end up fighting with whichever girl I used to become somewhat close to.
So I decided, I guess when I was in my Pre-University course, to avoid talking with them, for I knew the outcome of such a foray. And I have maintained this, till date. Anyway I haven't fought with a girl in a long time now as a result of this rule I follow.

Logical deduction: The Rule Works!

Alas, that apparently is not the case. The scoop:

There were a group of girls in my teh[sic] vicinity.(notice the use of the word 'girl' instead of the more common 'woman', and as all other things, there lies a reason behind this too)
So there was an unfortunate incident, due to which my relations with these girls was not too good. Anyway looking at past experience, I thought that once again it is my fault.

Alright, that was a long time ago, and I did not even remember any of this. I let the skeptical critic in me, take charge and was concentrating on negotiating my journey through this mega practical joke. However, lately I have been made aware of an apparent character trait, which is: "useless".

A harsh verdict no doubt. But, now that the arrow has left the bow there is nothing that one can do except wait for the law of causality to take its course.

My verdict: Should have stayed on my own, as I have an appalling reputation.
Their verdict: This guy is useless.

Maybe... Just Maybe, We both are wrong in our inferences.

cryptic ? That was the point.

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