Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Soren's serendipity.

My roommate for more than a year and also ex-collegemate left for his hometown yesterday, for good.

There was a big gathering of friends, who had come to see him off at the station.

It felt surreal, for I know I will most probably never meet him again.
Of course the unbearable lightness of being, compels us to not speak about this, lest it may unleash the dread and angst that is inherant in all...or so says Kierkegaard.
I must admit, I do confer with Ibid

Anyway the cycle goes on. Everytime you say goodbye to someone, it might be the last time that you may do so. It scares me.Scares me to death. It might be your fault. Or the other person's. Or it might be the fault of one of the myriad, multiplying villainies of nature that do swarm upon all of us(A special thanks again to my friend Bill, for this one). All of us who are caught in this monumental but redundant scheme, one which has no start or end.
What is frightening, is the fact that most people can so easily choose to ignore this and make light any parting, that they might encounter.

All of this prompts me to ask " Is one chance good enough ? "
As the train chugged off, I started observing the other people in the station. I saw a few sad faces, which paradoxically made me happy, for they told me...That maybe I am not alone.
The serendipity doth elates me much, methinks. Bill! What would we do without you ;)

Carry on my wayward son.



violet said...

Hmmm..I understand, I cried a lot when my best friend left for Bangalore, but not when everyone was around.
I feared they would think I am fool, its not like she is leaving for ever. But not everyone understands…

HelterSkelter said...

I have friends who I am closer to, than I was with him.
Don't really know how I'll react when they will leave.