Friday, June 01, 2007

For Better or for Worse

So I am at work waiting to buy the Food token along with a colleague of mine, when we see that women who have come after us to the counter are being given the tokens before us, and to add to our frustration they(the women) do not have the right change. One of them tenders a 50 buck sodexho pass for a 27 buck meal and refuses to take back change in sodexhos. In the ensuing struggle to get the math done for the change, both get confused and leave us waiting for them, to come to terms with the calculations and the actual act of finding the right coins or whatever. While all the time, we are waiting there like fools with the exact change ready to be tendered.

All of this is a little too much for my colleague who is otherwise a mild mannered, extremely likeable person, which I must admit is more than what may be said about myself.

Anyway so he says "I don't understand the deal with women. First they claim to be equal in every respect to men, however they then go about claiming reservation for things like jobs etc..."

So his question is " What do they (as in the women), think. Are they equal or better than men and therefore logically do not require special benefits or are inferior to us, in which case they do deserve whatever preferential treatment they get". Maybe its not always Black and White, in that case we are ready to listen to a fuzzy explanation. But is there any one who will ? or might I say who can ?

What we(men) think is immaterial. What matters is; what they(women) think.
Cur puellae cogitant ? (what do the girls think ?)

Ave !


Violet said...

Well, I think it is a relative concept.
Women claim reservation because they don’t get the required or deserved seats. This I think applies everywhere.
But I don’t approve of been given special privileges, like say giving preference in a queue…

I think, women can never be equal to men, the vice versa is also true.
For me being liberated is to have the freedom to take my own decisions, to live the way I want to, without anyone telling me how to do things just because I am a woman. If there are any sacrifices to be made, the decision has to be taken by me….
Seems fair enough to me…


HelterSkelter said...

I would suggest Solipsism.
solum = single, alone etc...
ips = oneself
definitely a good system of philosophy for you.
One of my favourites.