Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A rose by any other name...

What is with Indians and our predisposition towards naming any and all landmarks, Infrastructure facilities etc. after long dead\almost dead\Should be shot dead, politicians ?
Every other place is either named after some member of that ill-fated political family, now a distant cry of it's former self, now we all know the family in question. Need I spell it out ?, or some ex-politician who should have actually been hanged, for having no discernable human attributes and for making life for the common man tougher than it already is.
Instead we go and name a new airport or some bridge after these very same people.
It's not just disrespectable to the general populace, but is plain boring. I would surmise that it would prompt the following question from a majority of the visitors here: Are there just so many Indian people who did anything worthwhile to warrant having these things named after them ?
sed murmurat "inanis"

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