Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dolent sed Gaudent

There is a little secret that I have kept, and I have kept it for a long time.
I choose to reveal this now, for two reasons maybe more but not less.
One since I can't take it any more, and also the person involved will never read this.
On a tangent or so one might think, it's wierd that the following holds true so often that I would rather declare it a universal truth: What you have, you don't want and what you want, you don't get.
Try as you may or shall I paraphrase Bill who once said
"Let hercules himself do what he may
The cat will mew and the dog will have his day"
Blessed is the man who exploits this loophole and inches ever closer to that madman's ideal.
Mea Culpa I cannot claim, for is it ? Nay say the naysayers "that is just scenery". Can you ? is the pertinent question here.
If I did have the ability to say so, Would it be right on my part to dump my problems on to someone else's head ?

Nunc, cur amici et amicae non adsunt ?

And so I live on, with the ghosts of opportunity past and the demons that lie in my path, in wait.

Dolent sed Gaudent

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Saturday Night Takeout said...

satyameva jay-eth-aye.

the truth shall get us stoned :P