Thursday, June 07, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.

Saw the Asia XI vs Africa XI match yesterday at Chinnaswamy stadium.
An impromptu decision at work.
Feigned an illness and got out of having to attend a call with my Onsite team members.
Rushed to the stadium.

It was interesting. Saw many people whom I usually see only on Television
Was sitting high upstairs during the first innings and came on T.V
Saw myself on the giant screen.
We were at the bottom most seats nearest to the fielders for the second innings. One of the fielders who stood near us was Srilankan cricketer Upul Tharanga. During the melee caused as a reult of hundreds of fans scrambling to get his autograph, I saw quite a few funny things.
For one, some guy comes up to the net and shout " ae bhai ". Well he forgot one major rule. Just because he somewhat looks Indian, doesn't mean he understands Hindi.
Another throws about 5 small pieces of paper(most probably torn ticket stubs) through the net, in the hope that Tharanga might eventually catch one and, enjoy the privilege of signing one for him.
Almost like how people throw peanuts at Animals in zoos.

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