Friday, June 08, 2007

Edmund Kemper!, Ladies and Gentlemen

In lieu of my earlier post, Soren's Serendipity.
We have shifted to a new campus. So my colleague, yes the same one, and I decided to go home by cab yesterday night. After messing up our e-mail requests for the CAB, they finally make us board a cab with some random female and guy. Apparently, an ad hoc solution to their folly.
Instead of dropping us first at our destination which is a mere 15 minutes from the office, the cab driver decides to drop the chick first. The only problem being that she stays about an hour from the office. We protest, but to no avail. Meanwhile the female has decided that the two of us look like rapists and\or murderers maybe she thought I look like Edmund Kemper alas we will never know. I don't blame her. She is one of the millions of people in our country, subscribing to the popular zeitgeist, as a result of being exposed to commercial and\or nationalistic propaganda with an empty mind, too lazy to fight inertia and actually think for oneself whether what she\he is being told actually makes sense or not.
I did look like the stereotypical Hindi film rapist, with uncombed hair, smell of freshly smoked cigarette (for some reason rapists in films usually smoke cigarettes and drink orange colored illicit liquor), untidy clothes and an angry demeanor.

All this suddenly gets her paranoid and so, she asks her male companion, whom I will refer to as the "bitch" from now on, as that is what he was; her bitch; " Oh my god, are you gonna drop me off last ?" with sheer unadulterated panic in her voice. Panic lest we drag her away to a secluded corner and "molest" her. That is if, the bitch were to get down first, and leave her alone with us uncouth ruffians. After all we did invest 6 prime years of our lives to successfully pass out from a respectable college and acquired a decent job just in the hope that, we might ,one day, be in exactly such a situation where we might endeavor to satiate our uncontrollable perverted tendencies .An NIT gives you this chance it seems.

The bitch, being the guardian angel that he is, of all the downtrodden, disadvantaged women in the world valorously offers to be her knight in shining armor for the night. The bitch replies "Don't worry I will drop you first" implying the following though he did not actually say it " And protect you from these vile, villainous, vexations that have appeared before thy in human form as may be inferred from the pricking in my thumbs". Then she has the audacity to take the Cab all the way till her front step while we wait like fools in the back seat to get home, you see she lives in very twisted world, filled with danger. The cab driver asks her to sign the log when she gets down, at which she calls out to the bitch and says "fill it, my employee number is so and so".
Talk about being someone’s bitch.

Then we realize that the bitch stays somewhere along the way to the girls house, so we have to retrace our steps to drop him (the bitch) off. Delaying us further. Meanwhile during the drive to the bitch's place I indulge in explicit sledging, the victim being our man-bitch, in the hopes of picking a fight. (I was pretty pissed off and wild with rage at the trivialization of my time and my friend’s time.) Alas he proved to be true to his" manner born" and didn't have the balls to look back, even when he got down from the Cab.

Never has my character been sullied or doubted to this degree. I am now officially ashamed of living in a country such as ours, where such an incident could have taken place.


Violet said...

Haha KHS, Sorry for all that you have gone through, but it is kind of funny…though it has nothing to do with the country we live in, trust me…:)

HelterSkelter said...

Yeah, it is funny. But only now. Wasn't that humorous back when I was living it.