Monday, June 12, 2006

Me Orkut Profile thees ees

I want to change this life this life of misery with no hope of salvation for, any of the pitifull and haplesssouls, with their naive little dreams, bound against their will to comply, and take part in this never ending cycle of events. This life where no one knows why we are here, and everyone is shortsighted, this life where, everyday reads like any other, with only minor changes, which keeps most of the thinking impaired mankind happy, where everything is ephemereal and nothing's real except the fact that, nothing is real,when one can describe a system this way that system's definitely got to go away. We can't find a point to anything at all yet we go about life as if there is something that actually matters. Talk about hipocrisy. I dont know what has happened to me lately, I feel like I am on this natural, perpetual high, I spoke to a wise man who cleared my doubts, sort of mirrored my philosophy, I was happy and proud, though we had no proofs we agreed on a basic philosophy to follow but no reason why. Why can I not do what I feel like doing ?, by preventing our natural self destructive tendencies, from taking effect aren't we killing the whole point of life ?, why should we deny god his earthly entertainment if there exists one,(God I mean) If we cease to exist when we die!, then why bother about sins and all that crap? yup that's right I am as mad as a hatter.

Touche! fate, you lose

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