Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Philosophical jottings

Existentialism and my view on this chosen philosophy of mine:

This is rough since I haven't had the time to proof read it nor have I taken the time to formally crystallize my views.

Being an agnostic, I am not going to comment on the existence of god for I do not, nor will I ever know the truth about this so called GOD, but that is besides the point. How does one explain the deal with existence and the fact that I am here writing some nonsense that no one will ever read !

Here is how.

A central Tenet of existentialism is that we are "thrown" into the world, i.e we are forced to come into existence, I was not asked whether or not I would like to exist, This is however meaningless because without existing, I would not be me, now would I ?. Here when I say why was I not asked, it necessarily implies a soul or some "vehicle" capable of originating and carrying thought. Its a little too premature to delve into the topic as of yet since I am still to state my views on a priori and a posteriori knowledge hence necessitating further elaboration on the topics of "personality" and also whether the mind is a tabula rasa at the time of its creation.

Digressing I would like to talk about smoking. I have heard so many people over the years criticize my habit of smoking. "Why do you want to smoke and spoil your life" they say. And this pisses me off so bad, in my mind I am going "Who the hell does he think he his ?" I mean most people in India don't even take the time to form an opinion of their own, for some reason our country men are great followers of this curse, known as groupthink. As a result this puny little pisshead thinks " Oh look at me Am I not so smart?, to have avoided this curse called smoking ?" forgetting the fact that, you have but one life to live and Its not Quantity but Quality of life that matters. So I smoke and will die early, leaving a beautiful body, and you who do not smoke will live to be a hundred and see your decendents. This offers a dual advantage, Since you can make one of them lift you to the john, maybe even wash your old bony ass, while you are happy and gay and smelling of pee and Vitamin tablets. And yeah I smoke, I choose to experience whatever I can during this small stay of mine in the big enterprise of actuality, For all the things in the world is of no use to me when I cease to exist, except for the experiences I was privy to.

A lot more to come in this series of mine but a little later. Yes I know I haven't answered the question of existence yet, but that will happen over the course of time.

P.S Dange Thanks for the encouragement man. you are the only reason making me, go ahead with this. And also for being an Existentialist yourself ;)

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