Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ustory (this one is from 2007)

Currently writing a long essay for which I am reading something, until then, here is a ustory from way back in 2007, and you know what? I realize that I have a fetish for women's glasses, in this story too do I mention them. I had no idea that I liked women in glasses so much.


We are oft to blame...

My head hurts.

I rub my eyes with my hand, but I don't feel them.
I look around, and all I see is mud, it clears and I see grass.
Lovely green grass. Greener than I have ever seen it. I can see the individual blades of grass. Glad to be alive.

I am still alive!

What a relief it is, to know that you still have a while longer to live.
Then I remember her.

Actually, I remember her glasses. She wears the thick, black kind, remember?
They make her look more serious than she actually is.
Then again, she does look like she is 16 when she takes them off.

Where am I? Why can't I hear anything? I look and see a broken swing. I see the remains of a see-saw. I am in a ground. Why?
Then I remember, she is in trouble. I am in trouble.

The whole thing is messed up. Shit.

I must run, and find help. But what do I tell people ?
We knew what we were getting into. It didn't seem such a big deal then, then why am I so scared now.

She had asked me not to go ahead with the 'plan' when she first heard it, but she had later relented. I started hating her for changing her mind.

What time is it ? My watch is gone. My dad's Omega. He'll kill me when he finds out. IF I get out of this mess alive.

I surmise it's evening. I have to start planning my next move. Suddenly, I hear an unfamiliar voice call out my name. I turn around...



Also, this is the second story in which 'I' die at the end. Strange.


Divya said...

you keep posting and deleting. strange man! my blogger dashboard shows me new post even after you've deleted it.

JerryKantrell said...

I posted it back, just changed the title.