Monday, March 15, 2010

Personal News

Warning, haven't spell checked or corrected for grammatical errors, just because I am the king of my blog.

How I'd like to throw my life away, abandon caution to the wind; for it to take far far away, and maybe for once I will really be aware of what it feels like to be alive.

What was that? I am not quite sure, it just popped into my head while I was walking earlier today from Starbucks back home, so I thought I should put it up here. In related news, don't buy Starbucks Shares, (SBUX) it is overvalued, so prices may crash. also, they were playing old Hindi songs at SBUX today, so that was strange.

Anyway, Oh Hai Gais! I personally know the two people who read my blog, so here is an update from my personal life, just so that you know.

I just got done with my third term, five more to go and I am officially an MBA Douchebag. Way to go to selling out huh?

So I am free for a week, with nothing to do, and now that I don't have to study, I can only play 8 hours of quake in a day, I get bored sooner, you see.

What else? there are a few (two) visitors that come quite often but don't leave any comments, which I think is not fair, but I ain't a fascist, I can't force them to change their ways, but I can request 'em to.

One roomie, the useless one, has fucked off to NY to be with his girlfriend, which is good for me, because I don't like him and usually avoid him anyway. The funny thing about him is the way he speaks to her on the phone, but before that, a little background, the fucker sings really well, has Vedder nailed down perfectly because you see he is an Eddie Vedder fanboi like I am a fanboi of Layne Staley's, basically he has a deep voice, and he has a strong personality, anyway back to how he speaks to his girlfriend; He suddenly turns into a spineless wavering wimp, he speaks to her like how you speak to a spoilt kid; in that strange pseudo voice people adopt to make a child understand or know that you are not threatening it, so imagine you had to take care of this spoilt kid and you can not afford to piss it off? Now, that is how he speaks to her both in content and in form, it's like... how should I say this??? It's so hard to put in words; it's sort of...

Let me just leave this here, I am not saying anything, any inferences are your own, you pervs!!!

Say you are baby sitting your boss' kid a few days before your performance review, imagine yourself there, now, get it??? It is freaking disturbing, because she is, ostensibly, a grown woman who works in NY. So I am pretty sure one of them has psychological problems. You might not like the fact that I am talking about said roommate behind his back, well, fuck you. I can do as I like, right? How ya'll doin today? I hope you have good day. Where was I? oh right, other roomie is going to Florida. I on the other hand have no money so I am at home, getting bored as usual.

Let me sign off with this saying that a guy I knew used to say, until he got into IIMC, upon which he flatly denies authorship, hence, I have taken it as my own and will claim it as my creation.

I revel in my mediocrity - Me


Divya said...

a week of free time's not very long! twill fly! no local travel plans either?

ashwinxn said...

Another hour at work, following which I shall punish my liver with some green beer, Spring break FTW!!one!

Anonymous said...

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don't give up and also keep writing seeing that it just simply well worth to read it.
looking forward to looked over more and more of your own content pieces, have a pleasant day :)

Anonymous said...

hehe am i still one of those 2 visitors !!!

JerryKantrell said...

@anon, Yes you are ;)