Monday, March 22, 2010

Diggety Dank or the Dankety Dank or...

When I make friends, I make them for life, I will have none of that 'acquaintance' bullshit, you know... where you keep a person as a friend just to get some favors out of them, this is plain gold-digging of the more general sort.

So, recently I made a friend in my community here in College Park, a very interesting character whom we shall call S. Now S is an Indian, was born in that most magnificent of cities; Bangalore, where your author took his first few breaths of real air himself. Now, with such an illustrious reputation to keep up with, Bangalore did well with S and has thus given me a unique friend.

So he tells me of how he moved to the US while still a child that was walking on all fours, eventually joining a private school where he was made fun of by everybody; being the only brown person in the school. This hazing of his was so severe that he had to be removed from the school for his own protection and put into a public school where there were only people with skin pigmentation studying in it. This was where he was taken in by a few African-American students.

And he's been with them ever since, so he speaks like them, raps like them, and is pretty good at it too, and mostly hangs around them. The kid is almost 20 and has been shot 4 times. Yeah, you read that right, I hang out with gangsters nowadays. Oh did I mention he sells the MJ for pocket change?

It's been fun listening to the stories of his childhood because now I get a real perspective of life here in this country as a kid. My classmates have no time to talk to me about these things and I don't know many people outside of it. So it's been fun hanging out with S.

Will post the more interesting of his stories when I don't feel so lazy. In other news, Spring Break is over and crappy school starts tomorrow.

'I get high to balance out my lows' - S

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