Thursday, March 04, 2010

nostalgia (repost)

First posted this on Feb 15 2008 more than 2 years ago, and I have been through so much in this time, yet nothing has changed. Nothing. I could have posted this on Feb 15 2010 and it would have been true to the last sentence. Except the 'listening to' part, I was most probably listening to Saltillo perhaps, it was still a few days before my life took a turn for hell, but enough of my whining, Here is my post. Ah nostalgia, how sweet you taste!

Feb 15 2008

Its a Friday night, and I am at home.

Wow! such a sad little sentence. And I did not even use a single adjective\adverb in it.

Meh, What can you do ?

I haven't had any alcohol in me since more than a month, smoked my first cigarette in more than a month, a few days ago, so at least something good is coming out of this self-imposed exile.

Yesterday was Valentine's day. What did I do ?


Well, this is turning into a whiny, bitter, little post, let's liven things up shall we ?

Men think all women are 'loose' and hence by extension 'whores', and women think all men are 'pigs' and hence by extension 'rapists'. Hmmm... Rapists and Whores. Now, that is a great combination, good for us(humans). - SM



Listening to 'Kiss Me' - Six Pence None The Richer


Divya said...

how did your life turn into hell after this post 2 years ago?

JerryKantrell said...

It turned into hell a few days after Feb 15 this year not two years ago, (I wrote it badly on the post). That is when the depression hit. The worst one in my life.