Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monkey bidness

So I notice that the videos I uploaded are not working. I can't believe blogger can be so crappy, they are lucky I find wordpress to be a lamer, more fruity version of blogger, in fact, blogger vs wordpress is something like the PC versus the Mac for me. I hate Macs, and I hate wordpress.

Nothing informative here, just wanted you to know that the videos don't work.

The blogger programing team:

these monkeys are typing out the entirety of Shakespeare!!!


Anonymous said...

at the end of this message you willl realize the futility of your pursuit of western education and you would wish u stayed in Bangalore atleast till feb 21.... FEB 21 Backstreet boys rocked Bangalore in "ROCK IN INDIA" concert .... damn are u in tears...Richard Marx was there too ... he was good

JerryKantrell said...

Holy Shit!!! I missed the Backstreet Boys? When will I learn that the backstreet boys are better than education? And Richard Marx teh ONOZ!!!

I can't understand, is this spam? A bot? some psycho? wtf man wtf?