Monday, January 04, 2010

Cut and Bag it or how to write a chetan bhagat 'novel'

Chethan bhagat has come out with his fifth book called 'The Three Trashketeers - What not to pick up from the garbage dumpster' a story about 3 close friends who live in the slums of Mumbai and collect garbage for a living.

The story is written from the point of view of Ramesh 'Ramu' Shyambenegalkar, a brilliant garbage collector who rummages through the garbage in a large bombay slum, the best slum of its kind in India and who has inherited his fathers talent in finding valuable knickknacks in seemingly steaming piles of garbage. His friends John Behari and Manav provide him with company and help him win the heart of gauri, the local rag picker who happens to be his boss' daughter. While the tone of the novel is humorous, it takes some dark turns every now and then, especially when it comes to the families of the main characters.

In response to the fight the author had with the fine tweeple who follow him on twitter, he has decided to offer this book free of charge as a download-able e-book. To which his 'Fans' replied 'Meh.'

A new Hindi Movie starring, believably, Amir Khan as the 16 year old Ramu, has been released with a story line that is vaguely similar to the new book but bhagat has denied any such authorization of what is clearly a contender for the next Booker of Bookers prize. There is expected to be a lot of crying, swearing and 'blocking' in the near future with regards to this controversy.


This is obviously a parody, if you can't get that, tell your mom you got screwed over by her.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

JerryKantrell said...

Thanks, but tell me how far back have you gone? I have had this blog for a long time. Also, where are you located?

JerryKantrell said...

yay! chinese spam!