Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I want to punch in the face - #1

So someone came to my blog searching for this post's very title, and I said, 'huh, I could try something like that cause besides I have been writing this crappy emo pseudo poetry since the past few posts.'

The Official karbage - Things-I'd-like-to-punch-in-the-face list:

Now these are not in order of rank, and are listed as they come to me, I will also list each one separately as I don't have time to finish the whole list all at once.

1) ABCDs - These are the sorriest motherfuckers on campus, ABCD is short for American Born Confused desi-desi being an Indian term for a fellow Indian, so these ABCDs; they think that they are American, but the Americans don't hang around with them, and they think that they are better than the Indians who are here to study and call them FOBs or Fresh Off the Boats, which is funny and a little ironic, anyway, they tend not to speak to 'these bloody smelly FOBs who don't know of the existence of deo or Cologne.' Therefore they are left to their own devices with no freaking clue of their identity, and are most often seen hanging out with other similarly clueless ABCDs. Now the term self-hating Jew is fairly common, but I am surprised to see that the term self-hating Indian is not more popular seeing as approximately a 100% of these ABCDs may be described as such.

Which is why I feel like punching every single ABCD I come across. The worst one are the ones who have been given names like Christopher Ramagopal or Johnathan Patel, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I mean shut the fuck up I've seen post-rock songs with more meaningful names than these.


Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Christopher Ramagopal - sounds like some West Indies cricketer. :)

JerryKantrell said...

Sounds like their mothers forgot who their fathers are ;P

ashwinxn said...

Karbage man! A whole blog post about confused Desis, you're slipping!

I hope once the semester ends, regular programming will resume :)

All the best..

JerryKantrell said...

Ah... I did not expect my old readers to be back after my long hiatus. I had sold out and decided to cater to the one-off google reference visits. I generally can't spend so much time right now to think of good posts, so I dash one off real quick and hence the drop in quality :(

Divya said...

lol, it seems like you have to be in the 'academic' frame of mind to bitch about life. this sounds much like your old old posts from coll times. :D

Anonymous said...

my personal experience...they all r chill...peace