Friday, September 04, 2009

I like choppers

So I hear Y S Rajashekhar Reddy is dead. Died in a mangled mess of burnt flesh and disfigured body parts. Good riddance to bad rubbish, cause we all know that every time a politician dies, the world becomes a better place. I can't understand why the state should go into mourning for 7 days? Fuck YSR and fuck every self appointed 'public servant' there is. I hear that the entertainment channels on TV have been banned for a week. This is fascist nonsense, who is the government to tell me what I can do and what I cant do? Here's to hoping that this trend continues and a few more of these leeches get wiped out by providence.


sharatq said...

His problem was the blatant nepotism. His son showed no fear of. Building a 100 sqaure yard five story monument to his business in the most expensive neighbourhood in Hyderabad.

It was conspicuous corruption

We all know politicians are corrupt, why did his son knowingly choose to rub it in our faces, that he benefited from his fathers largesse

And where was the post TD strategy. So Hyderabad is a destination for IT investment, what happens if that industry collapses. Was it not simple logic to try and diversify away.

What effort was made there I ask you. Nothing

What actually in his tenure did YSR do that changed AP, re defined it, what a wasted opportunity
They build him to be a god, but yet he failed us and now they want his corrupt son to take charge.

Our country should be ashamed of itself

Violet said...

Did you read of people having heart attacks and committing suicide bcoz of his death?

JerryKantrell said...

@sharathq I know exactly what you mean. Our nation still has a lot of growing up to do. I was just thinking about the temples that they build for actors back home. Absurd!

@violet hehe, yeah, who are these people? I mean how narrow minded do you have to be in order to commit suicide because of some random politician's death, what's even more bewildering is the fact that some of them died from shock.

One of the Indian students here comes up to me the other day and says 'hey, guess what, the CM's chopper is missing' and in my mind I am going 'well, I hope his chopper has crashed' hehe, I am going to hell ain't I?

Ritesh Ranjan said...

I laughed, when some people told me this news, and guess what, they felt offended.....2 of the guys literally told me that I should not have laughed, when "their" CM was , i was speechless, for the 1st time i heard someone saying "my CM". I now understand how these corrupts get so much of public support...