Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Not feeling the pride, people :(

This is the unused draft that I had, before deciding to make it more like a rant and add more photos. I will be shortly posting a series of posts on why I have gone from being an over-patriotic little boy in Saudi Arabia who was the only one in a class of 50 students who said that he was most proud of his country[they made everyone stand up and answer the question, most said that they were proud of their parents. When I said that, the teacher mentioned this to my mom (who also taught in the same school)] to a bitter adult who now just wants to leave the decadence and bad memories of this country and its horrible people behind.

Basically, I will be elaborating on the points that are mentioned in this discarded version of the post. It is going to be unapologetic, so please exercise caution. Also, remember: Free Speech, bitches.

Take care.

I love this country, but to be frank, we Indians can't really manage a country on our own.
I know, you might think that I am being irrational right now because I am frustrated at some sections of the government. But seriously, what kind of a country loses all its talent to brain drain? Wait! I am getting ahead of myself, here is a list of things any thinking individual must ask about this supposedly 4000 or 6000, or whatever number we like to quote, year old civilization?

What kind of country leaves garbage strewn around on the streets of all its cities?

What kind of country leaves its sewers open thereby killing blameless people?

What kind of country allows tourists to be raped and then the accused to skip bail?

What kind of country allows its citizens to be attacked in a foreign country and then loses its balls when dealing with the host country?

What kind of country loses patents on produce that is indigenous to it?

What kind of country


Kitten said...

I read Fareed Zakaria's latest book a few months ago, and he points to India, along with China, as one the nations that will act as a global power once the U.S. declines from superpower.

Personally, I tend to agree with Zakaria's assessment and think the issues India deals will, in time, be solved. It is a process, and no country is without their internal issues.

Great post!

JerryKantrell said...

Why, thank you, I am sorry I never read your comment, I would have replied earlier.

Anonymous said...

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