Saturday, May 23, 2009


After showering her native state of West Bengal with a plethora of development projects and activities Mamata Banerjee has now been entrusted with the job of repeating her achievements with the Indian Railways. What really makes her achievements all the more astonishing is the fact that she has done this while sitting in the opposition.

Barely a few years ago the state was in ruins with its pro-communist government doing what communism does best: making everyone equally poor except for a few. Think: "The lives of others" or the USSR for instance.

Here, in order to contrast the conditions in the state between then and now, are a few snaps of the state in its present glory, because words can only describe so much of what madam has done for her state.


The ease of availability and the sheer quantity of food that is available is mind boggling.


The opulence of the people of Bengal may be seen from the expensive fabrics used in their clothing. (These women have gathered to protest the difficulty in obtaining enough caviar for the high society kitty parties that they hold.)


There is plenty of good cheap housing available for all.

And here is a one hit wonder oops! I mean world renowned writer showcasing West Bengal's tolerance of dissent and its commitment towards upholding the law of free speech.

"What? Fuck you! I can make up words in my writing and I can bloody well make up my own theories of science and imagine my own facts and stories. I have a booker gaddamnyou! I am special; like a heart shaped hole in the sky, and I can do what I want."

And finally an exclusive karbage scoop; The last snap is that of a nano the car that has been talked about the world over in front of its factory in Bengal along with Mamta Banerjee the lady who made it happen, the tata guy(I think his name is ratan or something) and some local people striking a pose for Karbage:

I told you the car was small.

Taking all of this into consideration and with Mamtaji's magical hands, I expect the Indian railways to be functioning, in a year at most, as shown:

The Bengal Express on its daily run or business as usual for the rail employees.

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