Friday, June 05, 2009



It seems India bashing is not so popular. Who would have thought that the readers of a blog such as mine can also be patriotic :P

I am not able to write blog posts in my usual style because I am very frustrated right now. My PAN card has been under processing - not updated status since April even though I have sent them copies of all the required documents not once not twice but 5 times.

My DL which needs an address change is stuck up because the people at the RTO forgot to mention to me that they need a new snap, also, they are unable to 'print' the new card apparently.

So my Passport, my third one, is not being renewed as I don't have three ID proofs, and also since they are unable to schedule an appointment online due to some system errors.

My I20 is stuck in mumbai, UPS claims 'civil unrest' on its tracking page wtf?

This is the primary reason that has prompted me to write against the system in our country. Hence the India bashing, but the lack of enthusiasm on the new posts means that I have decided to shelf the remaining posts I had written and kept.

So, as you can see, it's not really a great time for me. Anyway, I do promise to start as soon as my problems get over, if.


ashwinxn said...

Tough times in the Karbage household huh?

Oh and Congrats for being accepted. Which school is it? :)

violetcrush said...

Yeah...I can see why you are sooo frustated with the system. Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon.

JerryKantrell said...


yeah it has been a wild ride for me. I applied to ross, foster,
smith, and illinois had admits to all but ross. So I am going to UMCP.

I was finally able to get my passport renewal accepted, but time is
still short and I hope I can make it.

So, Violet, what news la? it's been long since I checked your blog.

And ashwin, I believe you are in Texas, how is it treatin ya?

ashwinxn said...

Texas and Grad school has had it's moments.

I forget how long does it take to get the passport, but I reckon you've got some time. I had my Visa interview in late July. Enough time to make a quick trip to somewhere say...Gokarna maybe :)

All the best...

JerryKantrell said...

Thank You, and gokarna FTW!!!