Thursday, June 25, 2009

bye bye, MJ

Unconfirmed reports say that Michael Jackson MAY be dead.

I saw it first on /b/ and my first reaction, seeing as it was /b/, was; 'yep, it's shooped'

But, now I see the news story on CNN. I never liked him but the fucker is\was talented.

here is a story that says that he is dead!

: Now they say that he is in a coma.

Nope, now they say that he has died.

WTF!! America? lrn2news.


pave said...

farah fawcett died too. who's flippy hair will i fancy and be jelus of now? :/

pave said...


pave said...

fail! :s

JerryKantrell said...

yep, I have a major problem with homophones as well. Billy Mays kicked the bucket today, it seems that it's not a great time to be a celebrity these days.