Thursday, March 05, 2009

where art me glasses maitie?

A small section of Indian society is quietly staging a revolution. The rest are busy trying to beat the recession and live their ordinary lives as ordinary people are oft to do.

Pray, tell, what is this revolution you say?

Apparently there was some guy in the 40's called Mahatma Gandhi or something. I am not sure what he did or why he was famous, a cursory glance at the history of our country revealed absolutely no achievements on his part, oh that is unless you call having a bad fashion sense and Anorexia Nervosa as achievements. By that logic the 16 year old version of my sister has had "achievements"

So anyway, I tried to google his image, but his obscurity made the process a little bit difficult. The research department at karbage which has not been paid in 3 years and is threatening to quit believes that this is the only photo of his in existence:

Mahatma Gandhi. Probably.

So anyway, some of his items are being auctioned off, and the Indian government has just woken up to this fact. They now want to stop the auction and get back the items because it is and I quote 'a part of our national heritage.'

Oh is that true? so is that why the government took 60 fucking years to get off its lazy ass and realize this shit? 60 years, and no one made an attempt to get these things back until now? How? Oh I get it, all of a sudden money was being made off the items and we Indians wanted in on the action. I read the answers to questions that the guy who is selling the items was asked, and he basically screwed the reputation of our country by saying that if India needs it back, it needs to spend more money on the poor. Touche! Indian government. What will you say now? Because what it has to understand is that not doing enough for people who are dying from hunger and poor living conditions is as BAD as the sort of human rights abuse that our illustrious neighbors like China and Bangladesh regularly call 'protocol'

Also, it is easy when you are dealing with a single person to try and bully him or use emotional blackmail to make him return the stuff. Why not we go further and ask for the kohinoor back? Oh wait it is in the possession of the the royal family in the UK. Does anyone in India have the balls and the character to fight for ITS return?



I didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Frankly i don't care if India has to pay for the items. Why not spend the money on something constructive. If the guy is ready to donate them well and good. Else he and his collectables can go to hell :)

JerryKantrell said...

Precisely. Its all just hype to propagate this rabid nationalism that seems to permeate every aspect of our nation's culture.

Kiran said...

We are so blinded by some stuff like this. Getting back the daily things of Gandhi.

The Kohinoor and the Thrones and the books that they destroyed and the rightful history (so called Barbarian past we are supposed to have as per the Brits) - no one seems to give a damn. Great country gone to some low life. Pathetic!