Sunday, March 29, 2009



So you all diligently follow my blog, you spend a few bytes of your internet bandwidth and a few minutes of your time, all for maybe a quite chuckle in your head once in a while that is... if I have been somewhat creative in an article. This happens rarely and you are beginning to think 'okay, does this crappy blog deserve the time and energy I spend in reading it?' and it is quite possible that you may answer that question with a 'NO'

So, as a thanks, I am going to suggest an album, and a comic that I think you should download and\or buy and listen and\or read.

This is an album called Pale Blue Dot by Benn Jordan. You could call it experimental or space electronica or breakcore, basically he uses dissonance really well and layers his samples to create very atmospheric, three dimensional sounding pieces, and with a tinge of melancholic sadness that keeps you listening. Not many might like this one, but that does not mean that it is not good. So go ahead, if you are feeling especially brave, try the album out. I like to imagine that it is the kind of stuff that the Silver Surfer might hear on his voyages through the vastness of space on his cool surfboard at speeds greater than the speed of light.

The Silver Surfer by the way is the protagonist of the comic that I am going to suggest to you today, released in 2007, Si1ver Surfer Requiem, was interesting enough to keep a DC fan and a silver surfer noob like me, interested enough to hunt for and finish reading all four issues of this mini-series. That is not all, I am now a fan of the silver surfer, even if his other stories do not match up to this one[once I read them of course]. To put it in perspective; my favorite superhero would be Batman for his human-ness and the complexity of his character, his flaws and his strengths. While the Silver Surfer has my admiration for the perfection of his ideal, his infallibility, his almost godlike purity. So the issue to really watch out for is #2 where he and spidey have a conversation; which is well worth the effort of downloading it. And any story that effectively quotes Shakespeare can't be all bad right?

What I would suggest is that you listen to the soundtrack while reading the four issue series. they match like they were meant to be. I guarantee that your experience will be a memorable one.

All links are found through google. Credit goes to the original uploaders.


Varun said...

what?! you are fan of an expressionless dumb-looking nudist with a silver ass!

/end of trollin'

thanks for the links man!

Slippery Reflections said...

ha, nice. lots of juicy bait to get me to download both!

JerryKantrell said...

@varun hehe, I don't get offended no matter what you say man.

@Slippery Reflections: that is the whole point, madam!

Varun said...

just finished reading it. it was very good and sad. Even Galactus was sad, that doesn't happen often.

JerryKantrell said...

glad you liked it man. Yeah, I loved its emphasis on character development as opposed to just superhero bash 'em up antics.