Monday, March 23, 2009


[background to this article:

me: I want an innovative article, on a subject that no one has thought of.
karbage: Hmmm... You could write one on politics.
me: Yeah, but everyone is writing about it.
kargabe: So make it unique and interesting, then.
me: But I know jackshit about politics.
karbage: make shit up, and add pictures, lots... of... pictures]

Is there anyone else out there who is sick and fed up of this whole Election euphoria?

Anyone else out there who wants to kick those people in that 'jaagore' ad? You know the one... where a wise-ass midget and his billy goat-like concubine resort to bullying in order to, ironically, 'force' people to utilize their 'freedom' to vote. And if I am mistaken and it is a duty not a right, then I want out of the country.

Yup, this guy. Don't you want to knead him in the balls?

Anyone else who wishes that all these political parties shut the hell up and their members commit seppuku?

Phew, I feel better now. Much better.

Right, what I want to say is that there is really no party that deserves to come to power, the congress claims to be secular and claims to look after the minority groups, well, they had the country in their grasps for almost 50 years, and what did they do? nothing. The BJP is equally bad, and is good mostly for infighting and shooting itself in the foot. the left is still, I shit you not, STILL blaming the Zionists and the Imperialists for its woes. Let me say that again, they are blaming 'people who want their own Jewish homeland' and 'people who followed a now extinct European ideology' for their problems.

ONOZ, a Zionist!!!!!!!eleventyoneone1111111!!! Run away!

I was supposed to write a much longer article but I just realized that whatever I am going to say has already been said a million times before, so instead I am just going to say: Fuck It, I am not going to vote, instead I will sit at home and relax during the holiday that they give doing something more productive and fulfilling like staring at a wall or perhaps I could try self-trepanation. Which I hear is a pretty simple operation that one can easily do at home, observe:

[admittedly, this article has been poorly thought out, but that is what happens when Indian Politics gets involved. Maybe I should try contesting. I have the prerequisite minimum stupidity]

The jaagore website; forgetting that not everyone is eligible to vote.


Varun said...

the best part of this elections is i get to hear my name on TV!!

JerryKantrell said...

hehe yeah :)
and you shall be barred from contesting! or else.