Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Oh the times we had.
My pet porpoise and I.
His official name was Octavio Jules Miranda 'el padre cuckaracha' the magnificent. Esq. although I liked to call him pooky.
We'd walk together to the local mall, play the guitar, solve differential equations, talk about everything under the sun [except sushi] play beach volleyball with a pair of hot nubile chicks... Oh those were the days.

And then... :'(

one fateful day, we disagreed over which of po(o)p or (c)RAP were a worse genre of music, and he... boo hoo... left.

All these years I have been waiting to hear from him, maybe see him again, maybe hear the 'flop flop' of his flappers clanging on the floor, but it was just a hope... until I checked my clustr map today. Who woulda thunk that that little map would help me locate my missing friend.

Screenshot of hit from a cyber cafe somewhere in the pacific, the arrow shows the dot in question.

And lo behold; I see a hit from the middle of, what I assume is, the pacific ocean. Pooky; my long lost buddy reads my blog!

Woo fucking Hoo!

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