Monday, January 12, 2009


Here is an article I posted on 7\5\06, this was the first time I got more than 9 comments for an article. Thought I should post it here, as I am too busy to put new stuff up these days. I promise to start writing from 16th onwards.


The " You know you are me when: " list.

Ahmm....Here goes

You know you me when:

1) You are afraid of only two things: Bugs, Death and women, in no particular order (Hey call me sexist... I gotta be honest).

2)You can't count beyond two.

2) You have a horrific accident, you can't see with your right eye and your car is upside down, with no roof, yet the first thing you do as you crawl out is to check if your babe (by babe I mean guitar) is alright.

2) You can say corny stuff like " I have a magnetic personality... I repel women" without flinching a muscle.

2) You stare at your yellow tinted monitor for six hours straight and everything seems to have lost color and you can finally understand what van Gogh meant when he painted "The Starry Night".

2) Your first sem. computer madam thinks your name is 'Sahana' even though you are 6'1, dark, ugly and barely weigh a fifty kilos.

2) You have read more philosophers, than you have had friends.

2) You start thinking about next Friday on a Saturday.

2) You have to make people read your blog at gun-point

2) You actually get around to writing a " you know you are..." article. That too about yourself.


Slippery Reflections said...

sahanas can't be 6'1, dark, ugly and barely weigh 50 kilos?

JerryKantrell said...

forget 'sahanas' how many indian girls do you know who are 6'1 ?