Friday, January 16, 2009


So here I am reading Alison bechdel's 'fun home' and simultaneously trying to give it a civil unbiased review. The book starts off well, and then degenerates into a mud slinging contest, with the author, who I assume is a very angry feminist lesbian, desperately trying to make me feel ashamed because I have a penis.

I was able to control myself until it came to a panel where she finds a calender of a naked woman and says and I quote- 'I felt as if I had been stripped naked, inexplicable ashamed, like Adam and Eve' So I discarded what I wrote, only to say this to the author:

Fuck You! Let it go, it is 2006 already[the year the book was published] feminism is kinda old news you know.

Here is what I had written:

So I am reading Alison Bechdel's 'Fun Home' which came highly recommended. I usually hate things that are popular being they often disappoint. But I was curious; nearly every person I had seen who spoke about it seemed to think that he or she was a poet while describing the book. One particular woman went something like this: 'my other read it, and then she asked me to read it, and then she asked everyone in the family to read it, it made me laugh and then it made me cry...' and so on.

To be honest; I haven't finished it yet. But I felt like writing about it. So I did.

Anyway, I am halfway through the book. I haven't found anything funny, nor anything sad.

The author herself likes to use heavy, almost opaque prose, in a bid to appear well read- which she is, but there is an arrogance to her writing that makes you not care. Because all the while I am thinking- 'she is well read, but who cares?!'

At one point of time, she uses the word 'prestidigitation' which means...I hope you are ready for this... Sleight of hand. Why ? I do not know.

My rating for the book: I'd say on a scale o


pave said...

hee thats one book im not reading then :D lol..bee tee double-u i love strikethroughs!

JerryKantrell said...

yeah, I am reading a graphic adaptation of Palahniuk's Lullaby. Here is the link if you want to read it, [the art is sometimes great and sometimes not so much]:

pave said...

thanks for link!

Slippery Reflections said...

hehe, i bet you knew what prestidigiblahdiblah meant! admit it! don't be shy, go on!

JerryKantrell said...

I, for all practical and metaphorical purposes truly had absolutely no freaking idea what that, almost never seen, word which reeks of needless and gratuitous arrogance, means, and not to mention the fact that such words are called 50cent words alluding to the cheapness that one feels when he or she realizes that the word could have been replaced by a more common one without loss in meaning. Logorrhoea ? me thinks so too ;)

Slippery Reflections said...

ah, that's what you were tapping away!


:P see i can use memes correctly!

JerryKantrell said...

you are WINRAR!!!
You win one internets.
No, seriously, good use of the tl;dr