Friday, November 14, 2008

Hoi polloi

So you might have observed that I still rant like a teenager. I probably like V for Vendetta and conspiracy theories too! [yeah, Alan Moore's V for vendetta is actually my favorite book :P]

I certainly hope that this doesn't reflect too poorly on my 'intelligence', yeah yeah stop snickering! or... or else...I'll call my mommy. Yeah that is what I shall do.

In fact, if you read my B School Essay drafts, you'd think I was an uptight asshole with my head up my ass, a stiff upper lip, and a disdain for petty bourgeoisie pastimes such as reading graphic novels.

Then why ? because if I sounded like that here as well, I would have nowhere to show my true colors and also you'd get sick of my nauseating douchebaggery, call me a cunt and probably stop reading this blog, thus bringing my reader base down from 4 to 1. Me.

And besides, there are loads of assholes on the net who are already doing that shit

Anyone disagrees ?

Here, try this, it is a stereogram, but unlike the usual ones where you focus your eye to a point at infinity to see the 3d image, here, you have to cross your eyes, until each image splits into 2, then make the 2 inner images coincide, and hey presto! A beautiful 3d image which is better than the image from the usual stereograms appears. Basically, you must use the converge method of focusing your eyes and not the diverge method. Have fun figuring this out. [The image may be blurry at first, but then your eyes adjust and you get a clear and sharp image]

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