Thursday, July 24, 2008

what am I doing ?

I have been doing nothing these days except deep introspection. As I explained earlier, I am planning on applying to a few schools for my MBA, and I need material to write my essays and also prepare for the wretched interviews.

I have, however, come to find myself at the beginning of a road block of sorts, a meta-physical problem that promises to unhinge all my work till now.
You see I am not too comfortable with the whole Capitalist ideology. I find it a tad selfish, what with all the poor people in the world who can not enjoy some of the finer aspects of their one lifetime because of a silly reason such as 'lack of money'

Imagine that; one chance, no retries, no refunds, no one to supervise, one chance to do what you can while you have the ability to comprehend, while you are sentient, and you are denied many a thing for the sole reason that you lack pieces of paper that hold virtual value. Injustice! but then again, life was never meant to be fair.

I feel suffocated!

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