Sunday, July 27, 2008

turns, stale, breath

I've maintained time and time again that I find optimism crass and vulgar. Sadness is, in my opinion, a much more dignified emotion, like how the night is infinitely more beautiful than day.

Here are a series of sentences which mean nothing in isolation, but as a whole convey a feeling. I hope you find the feeling powerful.

Why don't I feel angry at the fact that my best friend does not consider me to be his best friend ?
Strangely, I feel no shame at my jealousy towards the more fortunate.
Cynicism is fun, you should try it sometime.
The mystery in the fact that we can do anything just once and never again may we repeat it thrills me.
As does the fact that theoretically our voices never die to an absolute zero magnitude, and so travel forever in space in all directions.
Heaven may have a bigger fan following, but hell has all the best tunes.
They say no one lives forever, why am I glad ?
Right now you are spending your precious time reading this, while your heart quietly toils away asking nothing in return.
Can you fake concern for someone ? I know I can't.
So I am a loser, so what ? at least I am alive.


Divya said...

riiight! now is that depressing or what!
perfect! especially the zero magnitude sound line :D

JerryKantrell said...

yeah, 'depressing' is what I was aiming for.