Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gay Manifestations

== warning there is one .flac and one .wav file in the mixCD ==

Well here it is, [the rar file is not passworded, in other words; no password, guaranteed!]

My second mixCD
In fact I hate calling it that, but I haven't a better name, so I shall stick to it for the time being

Unlike the last time, this time I went in for a 'concept' mixCD
So all the songs in this one have a common characteristic, they are all in a slightly derived form, in the sense they are not in their original studio\sheet music form.

Another requirement was that the alternate versions should either be better than the original or should be sufficiently altered from the original.

And I have avoided famous ones like 'knocking on heaven's door' and 'Hallelujah' etc.

Here is the list: [Hover over the title for some useless extra information]

1) The Big Medley - Dream Theater. Now DT is the epitome of virtuosity. The members of this band are so good, that they engage in various side projects composed of various combinations of DT members to keep occupied, this song is a medley of various songs by bands ranging from Pink Floyd to Kansas to Steve Perry.

2)Asturias - One of the most popular classical pieces on the guitar, originally written for the piano, but it was found that when transcribed for the guitar, it sounds better. This is a nice version.

3)Fade To Black - This one, by Sonata Arctica is a cover of Metallica's Fade to Black, it lacks the guitar solo and is a bit easier to play, and the vocals have been pussified and it sounds a bit gay, yet I like this version I do not know why.

4)Mad World - This is a cover of the 'Tears for Fears' song, done for the 'Donnie Darko' OST This is one of the best covers I know, they took all the beauty of the original song, removed all the crap and turned out a gem. I love this song.

5)Weak and Powerless - This is the acoustic version of APC's 'weak and powerless', broadcast on some radio station in the US, I like this rendition by APC.

6)leaving on a jet plane - This song actually is better in its original form, but Chantal kreviazuk and her Canadian accent turn this song into something that sounds exotic and weird.

7)More Than Words - In a group of metal fans, claiming to like a love song is akin to walking up to a friend and shoving your cock down his throat, and then claiming to not be gay, but this song is an exception, no one will call you gay if you say that you like this song, the version here is a live recording where the style has been changed to give it a 'hard funk' feel as the title of the file specifies. Tell me what you think.

8)Take 5 - Leave it to Antonio Forcione to take the 'Hotel California' of Jazz and turn it into a vocal song with cute lyrics and Sabina Sciubba's sexy voice making this a very awesome albeit cheesy sounding cover.

I really wanted to write more, but I am too lazy and I am not sure if anyone will bother reading the tl;dr descriptions, hence all I can say is, download it and see for yourself, I hope you enjoy it, that is my intent.


Anonymous said...

"Sympathy for Devil" needs a mention... well I like G&R version ; )

Divya said...

now, are you a homophobe or a homophobe?! :D

p.s. downloaded.

JerryKantrell said...

@anon yes, agreed :)

@divya maybe...

Divya said...

can you possibly convert the flac and wav files to mp3/mp4 so i can add it off into my itunes? i want all my music in itunes! please?

JerryKantrell said...

yeah ok.

Marvene said...

Thanks for writing this.