Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What else ?

The past few days, I have been trying to fit in with the world, done a few things that normal people tend to do, but got disillusioned yet again, so now, I have quit trying.

Therefore I have decided to play with Famke again.

Who is Famke you ask ?


And this is how it is done:

The Led Zep t-shirt and dorky facial hair being optional.


Anonymous said...

Zep shirt is cool.... ; )

JerryKantrell said...

thanks man!

wirdobirdo said...

to get disillusioned. i liked the definition.\o/ can you tell more about this i am curious ;)

JerryKantrell said...

basically I don't see the point behind most of the things that regular people do, it is like they have chosen to ignore reality and live in their own little rendition of life.

SO now I am gonna do what I feel like doing.

wirdobirdo said...

yea all is because we have no other choice