Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dream On...

I had a strange dream today. But dreams are always strange aren't they ? Without the conscious mind to control the events as they are played out, we get to see a world filled with non sequiturs, strange dialogue, a suspension of the usual laws of physics, and a host of other peculiarities which I will not mention for the sake of brevity.

This dream was weird because it was so normal in appearance, the letters around me weren't gibberish as they usually are. They say that that is the way you make out whether you are having a lucid dream or are awake; you look at some written material or a digital clock if possible. If what you see is gibberish, then you are asleep.

[read the wiki article on 'Lucid Dreams' if you are not aware of the term, it is interesting to say the least]

I usually dream of being powerless, unable to do the one thing that I want to do most in the world at that instant. For example I dream of getting into a fight with a stranger and not being able to lift my hands up to punch him or defend myself, or not being able to pick up my guitar etc.

Today's dream on the other hand was different, it wasn't like one of my usual lucid dreams, I knew I was dreaming, yet I couldn't control my character as I usually can.

The setting was a party in a strange place, a weird sound played in the distance, I couldn't quite place the source. My sister was there. She was serving the guests whom I tend to ignore. She came near me and spoke something.

This was when 'she' entered, a person now far removed from my life. She might as well have existed in another universe, separate from ours, and it would have made no difference to me. I was surprised at her presence there. It has been 7 years since I have even seen her, and just as long since I have thought of her. She was my classmate back then and we had fought quite bitterly, we never spoke.

My sister introduced me to her, as though she were a stranger. She was. She looked a bit different, she had a smile on her face, and she wore a bright blue dress, a rare color in that dream. She shook my hand and gave out a 'oh' when she heard my name, like a bland impersonal surprise, but she smiled, and she let her hand linger in mine for just a fleeting moment longer than required.

I suddenly felt happy, I wanted to hold on to her petite hand, all my old hatred just didn't seem to matter. I forgot why I had fought with her, I forgot that I was dreaming at that instant. I now laugh at my foolishness and at my stupid beliefs and at the enormously stupid things that I have done in my life! Strange that I needed a fictional encounter with a real person to make me realize this.

And just like that she broke the shake and walked away, like caricatures of people often do, I tried to follow but the crowd was adamant and I could not follow. This was when I woke up to write about it.

True Story.

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